HUSH and Food Politics

Dear Readers, when I wrote promising part two of the Manjuben saga today, I did not account for being on the cover of the Washington Post food section on Wednesday, March 10.  I welcome Post readers and new supper guests.  Unfortunately, the warm hug of emails I have received has delayed today’s story.  I will post part two by Friday, March 12 at 3 pm EST.

For those of you who haven’t seen the Washington Post article, here it is:

HUSH in the Washington Post food section

While HUSH is primarily about culture and cuisine, there will be times when food politics become part of the larger story.  Today is one of those days.  I would like to influence the way we think, purchase and consume, but a few suppers a month will not a revolution make.  For that, we need to vote daily with our forks, wallets and mouse clicks.   To that end, I signed a petition to ask the Department of Justice to investigate agribusiness monopolies that have outsized power over our food supply from seed to harvest to grocery aisle.

I will let the excellent organization Food and Water Watch explain the rest.   Here’s the petition.  Please consider signing it.

Food and Water Watch Petition


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