New Supper Dates for June and Celebrity HUSH Mama Appearance June 26

New June HUSH supper dates are in – June 26 at 7 pm. HUSH’s mama will be making another celebrity chef appearance at the end of June.  We have been busy preparing a special summer menu of organic, fresh, authentic dishes that honor the legendary street food of Gujarat.  We’ll have bhel puri, makai no bhel, pav bhaji, falooda, mango rus, chutney sandwiches, and dahi wada.  Don’t know what any of that means?  Come to supper and find out.  We’ll feed your curiosity as well as your belly with a spice tour and a thorough explanation of each dish on the menu.

HUSH uses only organic dairy, but will be adding as many organic ingredients as possible in upcoming suppers.  All organic ingredients will be listed on the menu.

The new dates:

Saturday, June 26 at 7 PM.  Donation $75

Please complete a questionnaire on the Reservations page to request a seat at the supper table.


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