Meet Geeta

I am a lover of my mother’s kitchen.  She should be the chef and restauranteuse.  Scores of guests graced by the generosity of her spice box have implored her to cater, package or market her meals.  She will have none of it.  Food is to be made fresh, at home, and eaten together.  Agreed.  So, in honor of her talents and teachings, I have started HUSH.

I was raised a Jain, both at temple and table, hence my vegetarian upbringing.  I was born in the city of Chicago, where my family emigrated.  I studied philosophy as an undergraduate before coming to Washington, DC to study foreign affairs.  I’m happy to have left office life for a spice box and my MacBook.

Outside the kitchen, I’m a writer and something of an anthropologist. I am as interested in language, music and geography as I am in cuisine.   HUSH is the marriage of many loves.  Every weekday, I will share a story about Indian culinary history, Jains and their diet, vegetarianism, food politics, dinner parties, family stories and much more.  Please come visit HUSH at the supper table and online at


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