PLEASE have EACH member of your party fill out the questionnaire with attached photo before requesting reservations.  No reservations can be accepted without all completed questionnaires.

Please email your reservation request to:

HUSH Supper Questionnaire

In order to give the hostess a sense of her guests, and to secure a feeling of safety, HUSH asks each guest to provide the following information.  Absolutely no information will be shared or sold.  Yes, it’s a bit CIA style, but it’s only for HUSH use (and to placate her mama).

1.  Full name –

2.  Email address –

3.  Phone number –

4.  Age –

5.  Do you have any food issues/allergies? –

6.  How did you learn about HUSH? –

7.  One photo – Anything will do.  Just want to know who’s walking through the door.  (Please send small files.)

8.  One hobby or interest you enjoy –

9.  One anecdote that says something about you –


Click on link to see PDF file of upcoming HUSH Supper Menu

HUSH Menu – 3/5- 6/10

Donations vary by menu.  Range of $60-75 per meal.

Previous Menus:

HUSH Menu – 2/25-26/10


5 thoughts on “Reservations

  1. I am a vegetarian who loves Gujarati food. What an innovative idea! Perhaps, my wife and I will make it to Washington to enjoy the dining experience.

  2. “G”… Will send reservation request by email… ga-gaa AWESOME concept of yours (Washington Post today)… the food is one thing (“near-eastern” with a cosmic worldly-edge, it appears)… wowEE!… yet the way U R doing it… STUNNING… BRILLIANT… BRAVO!! Can’t wait to hook up (me & wife at your place!!) JS

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