HUSH suppers have  surpassed my hopes for joy, laughter, and convivial good humor.   Soon I will have stories of various suppers (nothing private or embarrassing will be revealed about any guest.)  In the meantime, I want to provide a space where you, my dear guests, can share your thoughts, suggestions, questions and good wishes.

Thanks,  Geeta


Add a comment to this post and I’ll add it to the reviews.


3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Hush exceeded all of my expectations – or rather I didn’t know what to expect! The experience was wonderful: the food was very fresh, yummy and in abundance; the crowd was fun, interesting crowd most in their 30s, mixed backrounds but all braniac DC professionals; the place was straight out of Elle Decor, designy and eclectic, and the best part was the hostess – Geeta with her overflowing personality, humor and story telling of Indian spice, food and love. She was a delight and made the whole dinner go by so fast – which is really 5 hours of good food and entertainment. Would love to come back again soon!

  2. The food was amazing, as well as the company, but what I liked more than anything was the cultural and educational experience of the evening — I felt like I was really being led down a journey of history, culture, religion, and yes, of course “senses,” including taste. It made me wish I could have guides like that for each meal, no matter what the origin. Sort of like stepping into a food show and documentary in one, but one on Bravo or something (not the boring kind). Very much enjoyed the evening and will be making a “pilgrimage” with family members soon.

  3. What a fabulous evening! It’s about time DC has some secret supper clubs!

    My experience at Hush completely exceeded my expectations! As someone who was also raised as a Gujurati Jain, finding a place that serves the amazing, vegetarian food I grew up is a rare find. While I was just excited to find Gujurati food I didn’t have to make myself, I was surprised at how enjoyable the storytelling was as well.

    The crowd was an eccletic mix of Washingtonians, including a few celebrity foodies, activists, journalists, and other facsinating people. The decor is elegant, hip, and fresh, just like the food. The hostess – Geeta – has a clear passion for what she does, and has an effusive energy that’s adds as much to the ambiance as the stylish decor.

    And of course the signature cocktails are to die for! I can’t wait to go back!

    Thanks, Geeta, for a uniquely fabulous evening!

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